Corrective Action Notices

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Corrective Action Notices

Contractors are encouraged to demonstrate maintenance of discipline among their workforce and measures to promote health, safety and environmental good practice including their own red / yellow cards systems.

A corrective action notice may be issued to an individual who has contravened basic health and safety rules. Issue of a notice may require that individual and their supervisor to be re-inducted as a minimum. The contractor may also be required to deliver Toolbox Talks to their entire team. The contractor will be required to inform McLaughlin & Harvey of their disciplinary and remedial actions in addition to those specified by McLaughlin & Harvey.

Examples of behaviours that will warrant 'first warning' notices include:
• Speeding on-site
• Failure to remove key from unattended plant
• Failure to observe PPE policy
• Failure to work in accordance with agreed risk assessments and method statements
• Incorrect erection of access equipment
• Smoking on-site outside designated areas
• Failure to follow instruction / direction

However, if an individual engages in behaviour which results in a serious and immediate risk to them or others or offensive behaviour, they will be issued with a notice instructing them to leave site permanently and the contractor will be required to inform McLaughlin & Harvey of their own disciplinary and remedial actions accordingly.

Examples of such behaviours include:
• Interference with or removal of edge protection
• Interference with equipment provided for emergency purposes, e.g. fire extinguishers, fire detection and alarm systems etc
• Operation of plant without appropriate training
• Operation of excavators with no or incorrect locking pins fitted to semi-automatic hitches
• Operation of boom MEWPs without full body harnesses and appropriate restraint lanyards
• Unauthorised removal or adjustment of props

Exclusion will normally be immediate and will apply to other McLaughlin & Harvey projects and sites.