Welfare Facilities & Housekeeping

Keep clean and be clean

Welfare Facilities & Housekeeping

Site personnel will be advised of the toilet and other welfare facilities provided for their use. These are not to be abused, and contractors should keep these clean and tidy out of courtesy to other users. Where welfare facilities are shared with a Client you must observe all site requirements relating to behaviour, dress and use of the facilities.

Debris must be removed daily. Where specific decontamination or other specialist facilities are required these should form part of the contractor’s facilities.

The contractor should ensure a good standard of housekeeping is maintained at all times.

Materials should be stored in an orderly manner and all areas should be cleared from unnecessary materials.

Regular checks will be conducted to ensure housekeeping compliance.

Each contractor is responsible for removal and segregation of their waste. Failure to comply with a waste management plan or inadequate housekeeping will result in immediate rectification and suspension from the project until the situation is remedied.

If McLaughlin and Harvey has cause to undertake housekeeping or waste management functions on behalf of a contractor, costs will be forwarded to the relevant contractor.

Report any difficulties with welfare facilities to site management.

Records of waste removed should be supplied to McLaughlin & Harvey.