Health & Safety

Health and

Occupational Health

All subcontractors must identify all occupational health hazards associated with their works and evaluate the risk posed.

They must identify workers performing the tasks that require exposure monitoring and health surveillance, and ensure that it is provided.


All asbestos containing materials (ACMs) should be identified by surveys; where the presence of ACMs is known these shall be made known at site inductions and will be labelled.

If at any time a material is encountered or disturbed, work must be immediately suspended and must be reported to the McLaughlin & Harvey Project Manager.

Control of Substances Hazardous to Health

Arrangements for the storage and use of hazardous substances must be agreed with the McLaughlin & Harvey project management team prior to being delivered to the site. Subcontractors are required to ensure that they always keep site storage of hazardous substances to a minimum.

Thorough COSHH assessments must be carried out detailing arrangements for storage, dispensing, mixing, application, disposal and emergency precautions.

Operatives working with hazardous substances must be suitably trained, provided with suitable PPE and informed regarding the content of the COSHH assessments which should always be available to them.

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Control of Dust

Elimination of dust from the workplace must be considered by avoiding cutting or by substituting materials. Where this cannot be achieved, on-tool extraction by local exhaust ventilation or by use of water suppression systems in line with the manufactures recommendations are to be used.

Drugs & Alcohol

McLaughlin & Harvey prohibits people from working on its premises / sites if impaired by drugs and/or alcohol. We require that subcontractors make themselves available for induction, random, post-accident / incident or `with cause’ drug and alcohol testing.

Standards for our
supply chain

All of our supply chain must demonstrate their health, safety, environmental and quality competencies through our pre-qualification process.

Only once the key competencies have been established, and our subcontractor commitment statement signed, will the subcontractor be deemed an approved supply chain member.

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